Illustrated Lives

I got this book from my husband for Christmas. His first time step in encouraging my creativity. I appreciate the gesture. I longed to be creative for so long , paint, do something artistic but been full of excuses, not believed I could, sabotaged even beginning to. Now I’m finished talking, thinking, doubting. I will take small steps, be brave, do something, anything. It feels good. I’m coming out of this shell. I am on this journey for pure pleasure and enjoyment. Not for anyone else but me.

Are you alright ?

I can’t always know by body language, facial expressions or even by words how a love one is really doing. They have to feel is safe , ok to share how things really are with them. I must put away my expectations about how I wish them to be. Take and accept them and myself where we both are at. I do not have to rescue, just be there and acknowledge people for how they are at this time in this place. Still it’s not easy but I keep trying.